Prix Fernand Baudin Prijs


1. Announcement of the competition

The Fernand Baudin Prize is open to all those involved in the conception of books as well as to all institutions and companies working in the field of book production and distribution (publishing, printing, composition, photolithography, binding, photography, illustration, etc.), who are situated in the Brussels-Capital Region and/or Wallonia.

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2. Participants

The following may compete and submit an application of a book:

a) Graphic designers/creators (freelance, organizations, design studios or artists-designers)

a) Publishers or promotors

c) Printers and/or bookbinders

d) Illustrators

An eligible book is one which has been published during the previous year and to which one of the following conditions applies:

1) the book has been created by a graphic designer/artist designer or an illustrator working or living in Brussels or in Wallonia for at least one year

2) the publisher of the book has his main office in Brussels or in Wallonia

3) the printer of the book has his main work-place in Brussels or in Wallonia.

At least one of the three above-mentioned collaborators must be situated in the Brussels-Capital Region or Wallonia. The Jury will decide in case of doubt.

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3. Admission

In the case of the present rules, the term books means perfect bound or stitched books. Excluded from competing are brochures, periodical publications (magazines) and calendars. If the book presented for the competition is part of a series, the Jury may examine and judge the complete series if they wish so. The Jury will only examine books that have been published during the previous year. All the books must meet the afore-mentioned criteria.

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4. Registration

The entryform for participation in the Prize can be downloaded directly from our website from the 30th October 2012.

On submitting a book for the competition, the applicant must agree to supply, free of charge, three extra copies if this specific book is awarded a prize.

Competing in the Fernand Baudin Prize is entirely free of charge.

The submitted works will not be returned but donated to a public institution.

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5. The Jury

The books will be examined by an independent international jury set up by the organising committee. The jury is composed of recognized professionals representing every field of the book trade: publishers, graphic designers, artists, book historians, art critics, printers, booksellers, heads of production or others who have acquired recognition for their activities in their respective fields. The Jury will eliminate those submitted books who do not meet the afore-mentioned participation criteria, and will decide on the grouping of the submitted books in one of the categories (see below) as foreseen by the competition.

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6. Procedure

The Jury will take place in March. The judging will take place in one sitting at the end of which the prize-winning books will be chosen.

The books will be classified in seven categories :

- general literature fiction
- general literature non-fiction (scientific, technical and specialised, scholastic, academic)
- children’s book
- art book and exhibition catalogue
- artist’s book
- architecture and/or urbanism book
- comic strip, graphic novel

The Jury will decide the number of prizes to be awarded in each category according to the quality of the submissions. The Jury reserves the right not to award any prize in a category in which the submissions are judged to be of an insufficient level.

The criteria for selection of works will take into account all components of the book bearing in mind their appropriateness with the content of the work :

- idea and general conception of the subject (format, volume, grid, techniques)

- graphics and layout

- typography (creation of original characters, macro/micro typography)

- binding (quality/opening/ease of handling /innovation)

- quality of printing

- photogravure, colour separation

- innovation and response to technological evolution

- exceptional technical experimentation

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7. Prize-winning books

The decision of the Jury will be announced immediately to the participants and to the press.

The Award-Winners will receive an honorary diploma. The awarding of the diplomas will take place on the opening of the exhibition. The diplomas will be given to the following collaborators of the prize-winning book:

- the graphic designer(s)
- the publisher(s)
- the printer

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8. Exhibitions in Belgium and abroad

The prize-winning books will be exhibited in Brussels, as well as abroad, during the months following the award-giving. The books will automatically be entered for the competition “Best Book Design from all over the World” at the Leipzig Book Fair.

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9. Catalogue

The award-winning works will be presented in a catalogue containing all the relative information. This catalogue will be on sale in specialised bookshops and at exhibitions.

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10. Legal measures

The Jury is not required to justify its decisions. The decisions are without appeal and therefore may not be contested through any legal procedure. The Fernand Baudin Prize non-profit organization is authorised to communicate the results to the press and to use, free of charge, the participating books or extracts thereof in publications or exhibitions. The participants must declare that the act of publishing or exhibiting their works does not violate the rights of third-parties, in particular royalties or personal rights The participants must agree to face any request made by third-parties concerning violation of intellectual property rights and to accept personally all the costs resulting from such a violation, including possible damages and interest, which may be incurred by the organising body. No information concerning the Prize will be communicated by telephone.

The following will not be accepted :

- Entry forms and books sent in after the closing date: post-office date stamp will be considered as proof of dispatch date.
- Entry forms incorrectly completed or containing false information.
- Books sent in without entry forms.

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